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Security changes - On Thursday (9/26/13) afternoon we updated Infinite Campus security.  Action are required for ALL existing Campus users.  Please read the documentation posted at the link listed below, starting with the document titled "Exisiting Parent Student Users Logging into Campus"  and follow the instructions to update your security preferences after 1:30 PM 9/26/13.


Users will have three opportunities to log in without setting their password reset security email address and set preferences (security photos).  After the third login, the user will be forced to update their security preferences.  We advise that you set up your security preferences ASAP to try to alleviate any possible lock out issues.


If you need further assistance with your account, please contact your child's school office.


Quick Help Tips


1) User may choose not to reset account for up to three (3) logins after which they are then forced to set up security preferences.

2) User must have strong password (number, letter and symbol), it must show green on the meter graphic if they are changing their password or they will not be able to save the new password.

3) Users must select at least 8 "Like" AND 8 "Dislike" photos or it will not allow you to save.

4) Users must enter a valid security email for password/username recovery.




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