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You may now access your student's state assessments through your Parent Portal account. 


If you are not currently using the new "Campus Parent" version, log into your current portal account.  While on the landing page go to the top right of your screen and click on the green "Try the New Campus Parent" link. This will take you to the new Campus portal.  The left side of your portal screen is the menu bar. Click on the bottom link titled "More". This will take you to another window.  To view your student's state assessments click on the top link "Assessments".  A window will open - select the language in which you would like to see your student's assessment and click "Generate".  Your student's assessments will be listed, To open the report select the "Get the Report" link next to the year and type of assessment you would like to view.

"Parent/student portal" will be changing to the new version of "Campus Parent" and "Campus Student" portal within the next month.  The change will be automatic on computer systems but parents/students should download the new Campus Parent or Campus Student application if you have not done so already for enhanced functionality.

If you do not currently have a parent portal account, please contact your school for a parent portal permission form.


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